Improving your Sleep – includes healing & alignment to Inner Temple!

Improving your Sleep – includes healing & alignment to Inner Temple!

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Steps to a Good Night’s Sleep! – 3 “live channelled” guided healing meditations to improve YOUR sleep!  Get the rest you need..detox the energy body and physical body…journey to the Higher Temple of Healing and Wisdom too!

Download the mP3 audio files that will help you back on the road to better sleep at night.  The number one challenge is a body full of toxins, virus, pathogens and build up of stress, angst and inability to access the higher Self (sublime) realms of consciousness for a good nights’ sleep.

The audio files of Energy healing through guided meditation are “live channelled” with incredible healing and purification to your energy bodies and physical/etheric liver, pancreas, adrenals, thyroid and more.  A brain cleansing and balancing plus a journey to your Higher Inner Temple for a good night sleep is all within this offering!

Order now – $45 –  (can be sent to you upon receipt of etransfer to or you can pay via PayPal using VISA/MC and you will receive download link

Have a great sleep!  cleanse and be free of disturbance !

Opening Talk – 11.03 min.
File 2 – Liver/Thyroid Cleanse – 17.37 min
File 3 – Night time cleanse – 13.30 min
File 4 – Going to your Inner Temple for the Night – 7.05 min.