About Us

The World Healing Project and the World Healing Academy have been designed and created to offer you free healing every day from the "Inner Temple team of Ministering Ones", our free healing Library  on the worldhealingacademy.com website and to create events for you to attend in person or remotely to learn more about how you can heal yourself; thus healing the world.  

The World Healing Project engages initiatives to help groups and individuals to access what they need in order to live a healthy, balanced physical/spiritual life.

The World Healing Academy and The World Healing Project work hand-in-hand.....from the free world healing library, with guidance on your personal energy healing, to the easy listening, guided meditations and teachings, our hearts and Souls are harmonizing and focusing on making this world a better place with you.

It is the goal of World Healing Academy Library to ensure that you have access to valuable tools for healing....whether resource, service or healing stone! This website will give you time honoured meditations, information, love and the support you need to find your own way into your own heart centre and up into your Higher Self Realizations.

Each of you involved in better environmental practices and personal spiritual/holistic routines...is seeking to have a better world….a world that will provide our children and grandchildren access to fresh water, clean air and food grown without the effects of chemicals, pesticides and GMO’s. Everyone yearns for a life that is without stress and illness, worry, fear and concern. People wish to be healed and to enjoy their lives; waking up each day with peace in their hearts.

The World Healing Academy understands that a better world is possible when people learn to first “go within”.  As more and more people access their heart centres filled with love, forgiveness, compassion, positive expressions of good moral conduct, values and ethics,  the consciousness of mankind shifts and profound change is seen. People will find that “less is more” and that the continuous push for excessive consuming will be a thing of the past.

The Earth must be respected, conserved and preserved at all times and it is the “Vision” of the founding members of the World Healing Academy to help each of you to participate in building a healthier world!

The World Healing Academy believes that if you “Heal Yourself…you can Heal the World” and truly this is the goal and mandate of both The World Healing Project and The World Healing Academy.

The FREE World Healing Library is one of the most important mandates of the World Healing Academy!  It is to grow…and reach out touching the hearts, minds and souls of those around the globe who seek counsel on their health and well being….physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  To that end…the VISION and MANDATE of The World Healing Project is “Blending Science and Spirituality”  since 2009…..whereby the physical health of the body is addressed holistically and naturally and so to it the individual’s personal soul journey in life!


Kathy Roseborough, Intuitive Teacher, Healer, Author of Etheric Healing manuals and Educator of Esoteric Principles with over 25+ years experience in the holistic field. Development as a World Healer and student of the Greater Mysteries has been a golden thread in her life since childhood. Now as an innovative leader, researcher and evolving visionary who’s expertise in mystical and spiritual path work continues, Kathy’s greatest passion is in helping the global consciousness shift to a moral and ethical level of consciousness where each human being can thrive through love and good values and environmentally responsible practices. We all need to think about the conservation and preservation of our planet and by healing yourself, you are healing the world.


Kathy is a major contributing author of the World Healing Academy Library – the World’s Largest and Only online energy research healing library helping you to find solutions to your health issues by exploring and enlightening you in the underlying emotions, false beliefs, origin and suggested healing practices.