Conversations with Mother Earth - Updates of Her Health


Our Blessed Planet; Mother Earth.  She gives us our bodies which are on loan to us for the length of our stay so that we have a suitable vehicle with which to express our talents, correct our errors of past choices and to synthesize and manifest the true Glory of our origin according to the greater Laws and Principles of Creation.  So why do we get sick? 

We insist on poisoning our bodies at various stages of lives...with chemically altered food, preservatives, GMO, water changes, alcohol, drugs, opiates, excessive pharmaceuticals, poor sleep, poor breathing, and unnatural environments created by us.  Why do we do this?  One would think that the rules for the care of the body that are found inside the body's intelligence....would be adhered to by us.

Mother says to is your body....please take good care of it and just follow the rules and you will be fine.  Yet we don't. We are an unruly lot of children aren't we?  Why do we poison the body that Mother gave us? 

Mother Earth is a Sacred, Entity of Her own...expressed by Creator and has welcomed our presence here upon Her surface.  Yet we treat Her even more offensively than we treat our bodies! 

We dig up into Her body, divert Her natural flowing rivers, mine Her gold which are Her veins, extract Her Silver and Gems and minerals, penetrate Her skin with devices that sucks out Her OIL and gas and cause extensive jarring explosions to Her repeatedly.  We "frack" Her, burn down Her trees, kill off Her wildlife, build incredibly unhealthy buildings, contaminate Her breath with planes and car exhaust, saturate Her fields that were given to us for food with poisonous chemicals and herbicides....and expect Her to be okay with this. 

She tries to talk to us as Her Children to get some sense into our heads..and we ignore Her.  She shakes Her body around and blows off some steam with Volcanic eruptions...and we still keep doing what we are doing. 


Mother is a patient Mother...but when is enough enough?  

There are rules and guidelines in Nature and they are found within us.  We know that natural holistic living is perhaps we should give it a try?  What do you think? 

Healing this planet means healing ourselves first. As we heal ourselves; we truly do heal our Mother; Planet Earth.